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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Bed Sheets: Things to consider before buying Bed Sheets

While going about creating their dream bedrooms, people often tend to forget bed sheets, and that is a huge mistake. The right fabric and right quality of your bed sheets will help you wake up fresh and energized, trust us.


Quality bed sheets last longer, helps you relax, make your living room classy, and can withstand extended use without giving you any trouble.

Counting threads Counts!

Higher thread counts often mean a better bed sheet, but not always. A sheet made of a good quality fiber with a lower thread count will feel soft to touch and can withstand washing much better than a low quality fiber with a high thread count. Though the thread count does matter, the kind of thread is just as equally important.

Fiber forms the essence of sheets

Cotton-Polyester blend fibers, when made into bed sheets are cheap, wrinkle resistant, and durable. If those amazingly soft sheets are your goal then ‘100% cotton’ is the way to go. Cotton bed sheets wicks moisture off your skin leaving you feeling fresh in the morning. Cotton is less likely to stain and much easier to clean in comparison to its polyester blends.

All of these amazing qualities of cotton are shared by all kinds of cotton, be it long fiber or short fiber. Long fiber cotton however produces softer sheets that do not pill or form lint like the sheets made from short fiber. The highest quality fibers are Pima, Supima and Egyptian long staple.

Weaving a perfect bed sheet

Weave is the characteristic of bed sheets that determine its looks, its softness, its durability as well as its cost. The usual basic plain weaves where there is equal number of vertical and horizontal yarns tend to be cheaper and will not get a special mention on the cover.

‘Percale’ is the word to look for when you’re looking for the best. Percale is an upscale weave that uses a thread count of a hundred and eighty or higher. Weaves that use more vertical yarns than horizontal yarns are called sateen weaves.

They produce extremely soft fabric but are more likely to tear or pill. Another alternative is to go for intricate weaves that is extremely durable and has a pattern that alternates between satiny soft and coarser. However, intricate weaves are much more expensive in comparison to plain weaves as they are made on special looms.

Organic and inorganic bed sheets

To improve the good characteristics of bed sheets (like reduces shrinking, wrinkling etc) they are often treated with chemicals such as chlorine, silicon and formaldehyde.  Very few manufactures in the market provide pure sheets that are either never treated in chemicals or where all traces of those chemicals are removed before the product is made commercially available.

Pure sheets will give you a hard time in keeping them wrinkle free but are a good option if you’re sensitive or allergic to chemicals. Organic sheets are a great choice when trying to find pure sheets. They are made using cotton grown without using pesticides and are never treated in chemicals but are much more expensive than regular sheets.

Make those sheets vibrant and soft

In most cases, the colors and patterns are added to bed sheets after they’ve been completely woven, which is why they stay stiff until a few washes. If patience isn’t your most notable feature and you also happened to have a few extra bucks to spend then go for the sheets that use jacquard weaves made using yard dyed fabric. A good night sleep is always worth the investment.

A good night sleep is always worth the investment.

How to Make a Hotel Bed At Home

The best thing about luxury hotels? The bed. Don’t believe it? Check out any of the fancy hotels websites and you’ll see huge images of stunningly beautiful beds. Those enticingly large, fluffy beds piled with oodles of pillows blissfully soft to touch are a beautiful dream you would never want wake out of.


If you could sleep in them forever, you would, wouldn’t you? Well, now you can! At the comfort of your own home you can have a hotel bed with just a little investment and few adjustments to color schemes.

Wave the (almost) white flag!

Consider this for a moment, almost every single fancy hotel that you’ve been to use mostly white bedding. If it’s hard for you to recall here is a reminder, the Hilton and Park Hyatt. White sheets are the staple when it comes to recreating a hotel bed.

Most hotels prefer sheets over duvet or blankets probably because they are easier to clean. But if the ‘all white’ sounds too plain for your liking, feel free to customize and add a bit of color using a printed coverlet or a few colorful pillows.

Sandwiches? Yum!

No. Not like that. Bed Sandwich! Bed sandwich is the layering format used to create that fluffy look on hotel beds. The bottommost layer is the basic fitted sheet, next layer, a top sheet. If you prefer to use a third sheet as the top sheet, leave some extra bit of space on top to allow the middle layer to be folded over.

The middle layer, is the down comforter; if you don’t already own one its definitely worth the investment. It adds the true essence of ‘fluffy’ to your bed. Now, the duvet (or the second top sheet) can go on top of it all. For an extra punch, add a feather bed as the bottom most layer.

So, featherbed, then fitted sheet, top sheet, down comforter, another top sheet or duvet.

Protect your pillows and make them stand tall with pride 

Pillow protectors are a must buy and should be bought for all of your pillows. They are easily located on retail shelves, durable and pretty cheap. Pillow protectors give pillows a super smooth look below pillowcases and also protect them from staining (due to the oils on your head) in the long run.

The pillows that you put your head on should stay flat on the bed and all decorative pillows should stand up on the bed. Try out patterns that you like when it comes to decorative pillows and play around with sizes as well.

Dip in starch and iron the sheets flat

The cleaning process can be hectic, given all the layers that your gorgeous bed has; but sustaining beauty is a pain, and that is simply the truth.

Use starch to keep the sheets crispy and iron out any wrinkles before usage and during usage as well. It is acceptable to iron just the topmost layer on the bed without struggling with taking it on and off.

Adding the finishing touches

The last and final touch to taking your own bed to luxury hotel level is *drum roll* tucking! Tuck in everything from the corners of bed garments to even the edges of pillows. No loose threads hanging around here or there. A well tucked in bed gives it a fine polished look. Maintenance is an issue given that you are required to put in five full minutes every morning to tuck in and make your bed. But who cares! On the ‘not so busy’ days you can come back to a mesmerizing and enticing hotel bed without paying a single penny!


10 Quick Sleep Hacks To Improve Your Sleep

If you’re living life in the fast lane, as most of us are, chances are that your hectic schedules and increasing work pressure have already taken a toll on your sleeping habits. Dark circles, morning crankiness and daytime fatigue are just some of the signs that indicate you’re not getting enough sleep.


The human body needs time to rejuvenate and while disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnoea seem normal, they might pose a big threat in the future. This guide helps, with 10 tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Follow a strict sleep schedule:

Your body has its own natural clock that determines the amount of sleep you need to function properly. Staying up late in the night or cutting the hours of sleep can drastically affect your health. Make it a point to sleep and wake up at a fixed time even on weekends. This ensures that you get a proper 8-10 hours of sleep daily

The correct sleeping position:

Avoid sleeping on your stomach instead sleep on your side or straight on your back. Ensure that your arms and legs are not dangling from the bed and that you’re comfortable. Use two pillows to keep your neck straight.

Avoid afternoon naps:

Afternoons are perhaps the laziest hours of the day when after a full meal you feel the overpowering drowsiness and all you want to do is stretch out and sleep. Well however tempting that sounds these catnaps can be a major reason why you don’t sleep at night. Instead of dozing off indulge in something productive like cleaning your room or reading to ward off sleep.

Vigorous physical activity:

Technology has made our lives easier, maybe a bit too easy. With the increasing dependency on computers and other gadgets we have forgotten what actual labour is. This leads to mental exhaustion but your body is still active and awake, thus the long restless nights. Tire yourself physically with regular workout sessions.

Create a proper sleeping environment:

Your bedroom should be comfortable and quiet enough for sound sleep. Paint it in soothing colours and use soft mattresses and pillows for sleeping. You can even use curtains, eye shades and earplugs etc. to block out light and sound.

Avoid staying up late:

Do you often stay up late completing a due project or watching television? Well night is for sleeping and not working or reading. Maintain a fixed routine and take out some time from your jam packed schedule to do everything during the day itself. Moreover squinting at the computer for long hours is really bad for your eyes.

Some lifestyle changes:

While a bit of wine after dinner is okay an excess of alcohol can be dangerous. Also caffeine addiction can also result in insomnia. Caffeine keeps you energised and awake. Avoid excess coffee or medications and drugs. Also a healthy nutritious diet improves your sleep.

Cut some slack!

Stress is one of the main reasons why we cannot sleep properly. Excess of emotional or mental pressure can really disturb our sleeping patterns. Staying up late into the night overthinking and mulling over the problem won’t help. Leave all the stress and tension of work outside the bedroom. Consult a professional if the problem persists.

Some relaxation techniques:

Take deep breaths and relax every muscle in your body, lie straight on your back and concentrate on relaxing your body. The Indian yoga asanas such as pranayama and shavasana can really work wonders to relax the body.

Don’t depend on sleeping pills:

Popping a sleeping pill and getting uninterrupted dreamless sleep might sound like a good option but it is very harmful in the long run. Sleeping pills have many side-affects, it is best that you consult your doctor.