10 Quick Sleep Hacks To Improve Your Sleep

If you’re living life in the fast lane, as most of us are, chances are that your hectic schedules and increasing work pressure have already taken a toll on your sleeping habits. Dark circles, morning crankiness and daytime fatigue are just some of the signs that indicate you’re not getting enough sleep.


The human body needs time to rejuvenate and while disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnoea seem normal, they might pose a big threat in the future. This guide helps, with 10 tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Follow a strict sleep schedule:

Your body has its own natural clock that determines the amount of sleep you need to function properly. Staying up late in the night or cutting the hours of sleep can drastically affect your health. Make it a point to sleep and wake up at a fixed time even on weekends. This ensures that you get a proper 8-10 hours of sleep daily

The correct sleeping position:

Avoid sleeping on your stomach instead sleep on your side or straight on your back. Ensure that your arms and legs are not dangling from the bed and that you’re comfortable. Use two pillows to keep your neck straight.

Avoid afternoon naps:

Afternoons are perhaps the laziest hours of the day when after a full meal you feel the overpowering drowsiness and all you want to do is stretch out and sleep. Well however tempting that sounds these catnaps can be a major reason why you don’t sleep at night. Instead of dozing off indulge in something productive like cleaning your room or reading to ward off sleep.

Vigorous physical activity:

Technology has made our lives easier, maybe a bit too easy. With the increasing dependency on computers and other gadgets we have forgotten what actual labour is. This leads to mental exhaustion but your body is still active and awake, thus the long restless nights. Tire yourself physically with regular workout sessions.

Create a proper sleeping environment:

Your bedroom should be comfortable and quiet enough for sound sleep. Paint it in soothing colours and use soft mattresses and pillows for sleeping. You can even use curtains, eye shades and earplugs etc. to block out light and sound.

Avoid staying up late:

Do you often stay up late completing a due project or watching television? Well night is for sleeping and not working or reading. Maintain a fixed routine and take out some time from your jam packed schedule to do everything during the day itself. Moreover squinting at the computer for long hours is really bad for your eyes.

Some lifestyle changes:

While a bit of wine after dinner is okay an excess of alcohol can be dangerous. Also caffeine addiction can also result in insomnia. Caffeine keeps you energised and awake. Avoid excess coffee or medications and drugs. Also a healthy nutritious diet improves your sleep.

Cut some slack!

Stress is one of the main reasons why we cannot sleep properly. Excess of emotional or mental pressure can really disturb our sleeping patterns. Staying up late into the night overthinking and mulling over the problem won’t help. Leave all the stress and tension of work outside the bedroom. Consult a professional if the problem persists.

Some relaxation techniques:

Take deep breaths and relax every muscle in your body, lie straight on your back and concentrate on relaxing your body. The Indian yoga asanas such as pranayama and shavasana can really work wonders to relax the body.

Don’t depend on sleeping pills:

Popping a sleeping pill and getting uninterrupted dreamless sleep might sound like a good option but it is very harmful in the long run. Sleeping pills have many side-affects, it is best that you consult your doctor.


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