How to Make a Hotel Bed At Home

The best thing about luxury hotels? The bed. Don’t believe it? Check out any of the fancy hotels websites and you’ll see huge images of stunningly beautiful beds. Those enticingly large, fluffy beds piled with oodles of pillows blissfully soft to touch are a beautiful dream you would never want wake out of.


If you could sleep in them forever, you would, wouldn’t you? Well, now you can! At the comfort of your own home you can have a hotel bed with just a little investment and few adjustments to color schemes.

Wave the (almost) white flag!

Consider this for a moment, almost every single fancy hotel that you’ve been to use mostly white bedding. If it’s hard for you to recall here is a reminder, the Hilton and Park Hyatt. White sheets are the staple when it comes to recreating a hotel bed.

Most hotels prefer sheets over duvet or blankets probably because they are easier to clean. But if the ‘all white’ sounds too plain for your liking, feel free to customize and add a bit of color using a printed coverlet or a few colorful pillows.

Sandwiches? Yum!

No. Not like that. Bed Sandwich! Bed sandwich is the layering format used to create that fluffy look on hotel beds. The bottommost layer is the basic fitted sheet, next layer, a top sheet. If you prefer to use a third sheet as the top sheet, leave some extra bit of space on top to allow the middle layer to be folded over.

The middle layer, is the down comforter; if you don’t already own one its definitely worth the investment. It adds the true essence of ‘fluffy’ to your bed. Now, the duvet (or the second top sheet) can go on top of it all. For an extra punch, add a feather bed as the bottom most layer.

So, featherbed, then fitted sheet, top sheet, down comforter, another top sheet or duvet.

Protect your pillows and make them stand tall with pride 

Pillow protectors are a must buy and should be bought for all of your pillows. They are easily located on retail shelves, durable and pretty cheap. Pillow protectors give pillows a super smooth look below pillowcases and also protect them from staining (due to the oils on your head) in the long run.

The pillows that you put your head on should stay flat on the bed and all decorative pillows should stand up on the bed. Try out patterns that you like when it comes to decorative pillows and play around with sizes as well.

Dip in starch and iron the sheets flat

The cleaning process can be hectic, given all the layers that your gorgeous bed has; but sustaining beauty is a pain, and that is simply the truth.

Use starch to keep the sheets crispy and iron out any wrinkles before usage and during usage as well. It is acceptable to iron just the topmost layer on the bed without struggling with taking it on and off.

Adding the finishing touches

The last and final touch to taking your own bed to luxury hotel level is *drum roll* tucking! Tuck in everything from the corners of bed garments to even the edges of pillows. No loose threads hanging around here or there. A well tucked in bed gives it a fine polished look. Maintenance is an issue given that you are required to put in five full minutes every morning to tuck in and make your bed. But who cares! On the ‘not so busy’ days you can come back to a mesmerizing and enticing hotel bed without paying a single penny!


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